2nd International Conference on Food Design

conference committee

Conference Co-Chairs

Dr. Fabio Parasecoli

The New School


Director of Food Studies Initiatives


Dr. Francesca Zampollo

Auckland University of Technology


Founder of the International Food Design Society


Dr. Pedro Reissig

Universidad de Buenos Aires and The New School


Founder of the Latin American Food Design Network

Founder of Food Design North America


Organizing Committee

Adam Brent, The New School

Dr. Bea Banu, The New School

Dr. Fabio Parasecoli, The New School

Pamela Tillis, The New School

Brandon Fisher, The New School

Maeve McInnis, The New School


Reviewing Committee Chair

Dr. Francesca Zampollo


Reviewing Committee

Dr. Barry Kudrowitz

Dr. Victor Margolin

Dr. Morgaine Gaye

Dr. Richard Mitchell

Dr. Sonia Massari

Mr. Chris Smith

Ms. Daniela Sandler

Ms. Jamie Horwitz

Mr. Juan Jose Arango

Dr. Rick Schifferstein


Food Design Education Symposium Chair

Dr. Pedro Reissig


Projects Committee

Ms. Stefani Bardin


Events and Performances Committee

Dr. Pedro Reissig

Ms. Emilie Baltz

Food Design North America

November 5—7, 2015